Mati Aharoni's Digital Home

Digital home of Mati Aharoni, a recovering infosec addict, avid runner, snorkeler, kiteboarder, gym monkey and husband. I’ve been involved in the information security community for over two decades, and had a hand in several interesting projects over the years, such as BackTrack, the Exploit Database, Kali Linux and Offensive Security. I have recently resigned from my board duties at Offensive Security and stepped away from my work and responsibilities with the Kali Linux development team. These days, my work mainly includes exporting slides to PDF, nodding in meetings, and figuring out how to use Excel. I also spend quite a bit of time outdoors, on both land and ocean. If you would like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter @muts or email me.

I like listening to carefully selected trance, house and ambient music, as well as esoteric artists such as Dead can Dance, B-Tribe, William Orbit and others - mostly non-verbal music.

Every few months I publish my Spotify playlists for that period of time. You can find all my public Spotify playlists on the Music page.

If you're an electronic music fan and like fast beats, check the "KitKat Party Time" playlist - great for running, sports and fast paced outdoor activities.

The KitKat 2018 and KitKat 2019 playlists comprise of a mixture of recent, bouncy Electronic Dance / Tropical / Deep House music, while the "KitKat Chill Undertone" is just slightly mellower than the former two.